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Moving, Receiving, & Office Furniture

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Moving, Receiving, & Office Furniture

Moving, Receiving, & Office Furniture is responsible for moving and delivering items across BYU. We receive and install all modular furniture on campus, in addition to picking up surplus items, maintaining campus storage areas, and delivering tables, chairs, and risers for campus events.

Visit the Final Disposition of Surplus Items page for more information regarding how the university handles surplus items.

Campus Events

Moving delivering chairs for an event.
Moving, Receiving, & Office Furniture delivers and sets up tables, chairs, and risers for campus events, which can be ordered by contacting Campus Scheduling at 801-422-3134.

Office Furniture

Moving Services picking up surplus equipment.
If new office furniture is needed, contact Facilities Planning & Design - Campus Projects at 801-422-5504 or submit a work order.

Requests to move furniture for repairs, relocation, or carpet replacement may be done by contacting Moving, Receiving, & Office Furniture at 801-422-2710.


Moving Services storing boxes.
Storage for university employees is available through Space Management by contacting 801-422-5474.


Moving Services removing a desk.
Moving, Receiving, & Office Furniture picks up and disposes or stores surplus items for departments on campus. Any surplus furniture and electronics that are available for sale may be found on BYU Purchasing & Travel's Surplus web page. For more information about surplus sales, visit the Surplus web page or contact the surplus administrator at 801-422-7004.