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Facilities Planning & Design - Campus Projects

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Facilities Planning & Design - Campus Projects

Facilities Planning & Design - Campus Projects provides design services to BYU campus and university affiliates for the development of the physical learning environment in accordance with the aims and objectives of the university. We are primarily focused on interior and exterior campus remodel projects, but also provides significant input on the design of major new buildings. Department services include architectural and interior design; civil, structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering; cost estimating; landscape architectural design; space management; and programming, as well as design feasibility studies. We strive to ensure that all designs for remodeled facilities reflect the best functional and aesthetic quality possible within the limitations of entrusted funds and building code requirements.

The design and construction of large new buildings on campus are primarily the responsibility of the Planning & Construction - Major Projects department. Facilities Planning & Design - Campus Projects works in a supportive role on these major new building projects to ensure that new buildings are constructed in accordance with campus standards, established maintenance practices, and approved building codes.

You must submit a work order to begin a design and construction or project request with Physical Facilities.
A more detailed description of the work performed by our various areas in this
department are described below:

Architectural & Interior Design

Interior designers selecting samples for a project.
The architectural and interior design units provide design services to the campus community to ensure that BYU facilities are code compliant, efficient, dependable, and meet the university’s need for an outstanding learning and work environment. Designers collaborate with campus clients to meet their space design needs and provide aesthetic solutions that complement and enhance existing campus facilities.

The interior designers strive to comply with the Furniture and Finishes Guidelines that have been established by the Physical Facilities Furnishings Committee. We are involved in all new major building projects either as the primary interior designers or in a support role, guiding and directing the outside interior design consultant.

BIM/CAD Management

Architect designing in CAD.
The BIM (Building Information Modeling)/CAD (Computer-Aided Design) manager is responsible for organizing and archiving all existing plans for campus buildings. This unit is responsible for the 3D modeling of existing campus buildings that have not been previously modeled and verifying the accuracy of existing 3D building models. Our BIM manager works closely with the architects, engineers, and interior designers to provide training on how best to work together in preparing the design and construction documents for new and remodeled facilities. He/she also provides guidelines to outside consultants relative to BIM standards for use on BYU projects.

Civil Engineering & Landscape Architecture

BYU stream and trees with bench at sunrise.
The campus civil engineers and landscape architect are responsible for the design of roads, sidewalks, parking lots, storm, sewer and culinary water utilities, landscape, and seating areas. This unit is also responsible for maintaining the campus site and utility maps used by Physical Facilities. Our engineers guide and support outside consultants who are designing new major building projects or other site and utility improvements.

Cost Estimating

Calculator and pen with a spreadsheet.
The cost estimating unit provides cost estimating services for all new and remodel projects on campus. Estimators work closely with the designers and engineers to understand the scope of work of the various projects and prepare estimates that are in line with industry standards. This unit also monitors construction inflation trends in order to predict future costs associated with construction work.

Electrical, Mechanical & Structural Engineering

Architecture blueprints with ruler and pencil.
The electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering units are responsible for the design of all electrical, mechanical, and structural systems on campus. Our units provide support to the architectural and interior design units in designing the electrical, mechanical, and structural systems for campus remodel projects. We guide and support outside consultants who are designing new major building projects or utility improvements. Our engineers also have responsibility for the design of the central heating and cooling mechanical and electrical systems for campus, as well as the high voltage and medium voltage electrical utilities.

Space Management

March 05, 2021 09:53 AM
Space Management manages the university’s space resources for campus functions and church use. Space within facilities on campus is allocated to users for a specific function or purpose. We also coordinate building use for YSA stakes and wards for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.