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Work Order

Debbie Tehrani
Project Administrator
221 BRWB

Work Order

For urgent work order requests needed within 24 hours, please call Debbie Tehrani at 801-422-5555.

A work order request allows Physical Facilities to assess your design and construction or project needs and initiate the project process. If a project estimate is over $5,000, the requested work must be approved as a priority project of the college/department dean/director and vice-president through the work order approval system.

Work order requests that are cancelled after the estimate process and before being expanded will be charged a 1% fee for services provided.

The work order request form expedites the work order process by allowing your project specifics to be described in brief, simple terms (i.e., ordering furniture, office remodeling).

For campus repairs or maintenance, please submit a service request.
For fleet vehicle repairs or maintenance, please submit a vehicle service request.
To order new keys, please visit Keys, Locks, & Access Control to submit a key request.
To order poinsettias, please submit a poinsettia request.

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Do you have a campus design and construction or project request? Submit a Work Order!

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Additional Work Order Support

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