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Business Support & Compliance

208 BRWB

Business Support & Compliance

Business Support & Compliance handles the payroll, information systems, accounting, financial reporting, and warehouse functions for Physical Facilities (PF). We also promote, protect, and provide service to the facility interests of all BYU stakeholders. We have five areas that provide additional support to PF: Compliance, Information Support, Payroll, the Warehouse, and Work Orders & Project Requests.

If you have questions regarding billing, the billing statement review allows you to locate billing statements for a specific operating unit account number.

Safety & Compliance

Physical Facilities employees cutting a pipe using proper safety equipment.
The PF Safety & Compliance office promotes and tracks various compliance issues including employee safety training, commercial driving records, and professional licensure and employee credentials. We also manage facility and equipment inspections for campus' fire suppression systems, grease trap pumping, and more. Compliance is maintained in an effort to ensure well-maintained facilities, well-qualified employees, and a safe working environment.

Safety & Compliance Resources

Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Exposure Control Plan PDF
MSDSonline Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
MSDSonline Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Training Tutorial PDF

Information Support

Physical Facilities Information Support repairing a computer.
Information Support provides technical support to PF and its partners. We also maintain the software that runs the BYU work order system and ensures it is working as intended.


Pocket watch resting on dollar bills.
The PF Payroll Office is accountable for maintaining payroll operations for Physical Facilities. We safeguard internal PF Personnel records while maintaining confidentiality. Utilizing the PeopleSoft system, we submit new hires, internal employee changes, and terminations to the university, as well as monitor part-time employee hours by means of available reports. PF Payroll works closely with BYU Human Resources and ASB Payroll to ensure Physical Facilities personnel and compensation matters are administered properly.


Warehouse student organizing stock
The warehouse, located in the Physical Facilities North Building (PFNB), is at the heart of PF. Our function is to supply a large variety of materials to the other PF areas and shops who design, construct, and maintain BYU’s physical assets. The PF Warehouse’s vision focuses on providing exceptional service to every customer that walks through the door.

Our computer inventory process logs over 8,000 different items that cycle through the warehouse. We also process approximately 15,000 invoices per year. The warehouse inventory includes construction fasteners, electrical, plumbing, automotive, welding materials, and more to meet almost any project need. It stocks a variety of nuts, bolts, screws, rebar, steel cable, gloves, and thousands of other items.

We also provide a courier service that retrieves and delivers important campus items ranging from food items, passports, construction materials, and even documents to and from Church headquarters. Our service area is anywhere in Utah, Salt Lake, or Weber counties.

The Tool Crib has combined with the warehouse and houses an assortment of tools necessary for our PF areas and shops to execute their tasks quickly and efficiently.

Work Orders & Project Requests

July 12, 2019 02:48 PM
Business Support receives and processes all work order & project requests submitted to PF. All needed work not considered routine maintenance of existing systems or property should be processed through PF as a work order request.