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Work Order FAQ

The Work Order Frequently Asked Questions helps answer common questions patrons encounter when placing a design and construction or project need request with Physical Facilities.

Please contact 801-422-5555 with any additional questions.

Work Order Procedure

What is a work order?

A work order is a request form that allows the Physical Facilities (PF) staff to assess your construction or project needs and initiate the project process. This form expedites the work order process by allowing project specifics for the desired work (i.e., ordering furniture, reconstruction) to be described in brief, simple terms.

How do I initiate a work order and who needs to authorize it?

Each college/department has a representative that coordinates and prioritizes all projects within that college/department. An online work order request must be completed to begin the authorization process. Once the work order is ready for authorization, an email will be sent for approval to the appropriate individuals based on the estimated cost of the project.

For questions regarding initiating a work order, please contact your college/department representative or Debbie Tehrani at 801-422-5555.

What happens once Physical Facilities (PF) has received my work order?

When PF receives a work order request, it is assigned a work order number and assigned to a project administrator based on the type of request. The project administrator serves as a contact between PF and the campus community to expedite inquires and provide current status information on projects. This administrator works closely with the college/department representatives to maintain harmony between PF and campus clientele and notifies the representative each time the work order status is changed. The project administrator assigns work to the interior designers, architects, and engineers as needed. These assigned professionals will contact and work with the requester and college/department representatives to complete the preliminary design work and cost estimates. Once the preliminary design and cost estimates are approved, then the design phase begins, which may require additional planning to meet industry standards and specifications. After the design phase, the work is then assigned to the contractors, craftsmen, and laborers as needed and work is authorized to begin.

Obtaining Estimates

Who do I contact if I have questions about cost estimates?

If you need an estimate for a PF project, please contact Debbie Tehrani at 801-422-5555.

How much is a cost estimate?

Cost estimates are free. There are no charges for cost estimates or preliminary design work until an authorized paying account has been designated and the appropriate approvals and signatures are obtained to begin a project.

Why do some projects seem to be so expensive?

BYU designs and builds according to commercial and industrial standards; therefore, the cost of material and labor may be higher than what you might expect for a home remodeling project of similar scope and size. Projects must be designed and built to serve a wide variety of interests and quality craftsmanship and installation are demanded by the faculty, students, and visiting public. Furniture and other material must also meet the rigorous demands placed on the university by the many students, staff, and visitors who use them every day.

When should I request a cost estimate?

Some projects do not require cost estimates. Simple projects, like the installation of tack boards for example, do not typically require cost estimates. Cost estimates are principally designed to help those placing larger work orders to determine if they have the needed funds and are willing to expend the amount of money necessary to complete the project. Typically, all projects that cost over $800 require a cost estimate.