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Physical Facilities Student Scholarships

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve had some questions come up regarding the new online nomination form; we hope you find answers below. If not, please contact Kathi with any additional questions.

Q – Who should nominate student employees for the PF Student Scholarship?
A – You! Any non-student employee can nominate any stellar student employee, nominations are not limited to the student’s direct supervisor. We’d love to see at least 2 nominations from each shop or area.

Q – I nominated a student, but they have not received any further communication. When will they be contacted?
A – Under the new system, students will not be contacted immediately following your nomination. Students can expect to receive an email after the March 15th deadline with an invitation link to complete their part of the nomination form. Additionally, we will send out a mass email notifying employees that the student email has been sent. Please remind your students to look for an email once you know it has been sent.

Q – How long will students have to complete their portion of the form?
A – The deadline for students to complete their portion will be Friday, March 29th. This will give students about 2 weeks to complete the nomination form. Their portion consists of the following questions and should not take them long to complete.

  1. How have you provided Service with Excellence in your current work assignment in Physical Facilities? (100-200 words)
  2. Tell us how receiving this scholarship will help you meet your financial needs for attending BYU? (100-200 words)
  3. Are you a first-generation college student? (yes/no)
  4. What is your expected graduation date?
  5. Will you be taking 12+ credits in the Fall 2024 semester?

Q – We used to obtain the department supervisor's signature on the nomination form. Will supervisors be notified if their students are nominated?
A – Yes! We value the feedback of each student’s supervisor, and each supervisor will be notified regarding nominations submitted on behalf of their students. If a supervisor does not agree that a nomination is merited, the student nomination will not progress further.

Q – Why the change to the old system and nomination form?
A – As a committee, we wanted all qualified students to be considered for the PF Student Scholarship. We received feedback that the old form was cumbersome, and some employees failed to nominate otherwise deserving students due to the time required to fill out the nomination. We hope this simplified form allows all our deserving students to receive a nomination!


The number of scholarships we can award to students is dependent on the number of contributions received from our full-time and part-time employees in Physical Facilities.

If all full-time and part-time employees donated $1/month, we could fund 8 scholarships yearly. 

If every employee donated $5/month, we could fund 40 scholarships yearly!
We encourage all employees to support this scholarship opportunity. Help recognize the contributions from our student employees with a one-time or recurring donation or through monthly payroll deductions. Instructions for setting up a monthly payroll deduction may be found below.

How to Set Up a Monthly Payroll Deduction


  1. Sign in using your Church username or password.
    1. If you don't have an account, click on the "Sign up" link and follow the instructions to obtain a username and password.
  2. Click on "Start a new payroll deduction".
  3. Fill in your BYU ID number, phone number, and email address.
  4. Select the drop down arrow in the “Search Other Funds” section.
  5. Type "30121808" in the search box (this should bring up “Physical Facilities Student Scholarship – BYU).
  6. Click the blue “+ Add” button. This adds the scholarship to the list of deductions you currently have above (Under “Add Amount(s) to Funds").
  7. Enter the amount you want deducted from each paycheck and click “Continue”.
  8. Review the details on the confirmation page, select the box to authorize the payroll deduction and click “Confirm”.
  9. You will receive an email confirming your donation to the email address you entered in step 4.

Nominate a student soon!

PF Student Scholarship Nominations are closed for the year. Check back in early 2025 to nominate a student employee.