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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Please contact 801-422-2501 with any additional questions.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

Our cleaning process pulls up most of the water from the carpet. It will take a couple of hours for your carpets to dry completely. Carpets will dry a little faster if you crack open some windows.

Do I have to have my apartment carpets cleaned?

We are contracted with Wymount Terrace and Wyview Park to clean all the apartments three times a year. Housing allows residents to skip one carpet cleaning each year.

Will you clean the carpets in every room of the apartment?

If you are there when we come, you can instruct us to only clean the living room or one or all of the bedrooms. If you are not present, we will not clean any carpets behind closed doors. You may also leave a note if you not able to be present during your assigned cleaning time.

Will you enter our apartment if we are not present?

Yes. If the slip of paper we taped to your door knob is not taped to the apartment door with the “skip” box checked, we are authorized to enter the apartment for cleaning. If we find the apartment hasn't cleared space on the floor to clean effectively, we will skip it. 

We always knock on the door first and announce ourselves. If nobody answers, we announce ourselves again and then open the door with a key. Once inside, we announce ourselves again. If we do not hear a response, we fully enter the apartment and evaluate if enough of the floor is exposed for carpet cleaning.

How long will you be in our apartment?

On average, it will take between 8-15 minutes from start to finish to clean apartment carpets. It will take less time if we are not cleaning every room. It will take more time if we hit "soapy" spots where residents have cleaned something up themselves, like pet urine. We will keep soaking and extracting these spots until we stop pulling up soap.

Is the chemical you’re spraying on the carpet safe?

Yes. It is pre-spray called Bio Break by Bridgepoint. It is designed to break down the debris, greases, and oils that are in the carpet so they may be extracted and we can clean the carpets more effectively. All of the chemical is extracted from the carpet with our machine during cleaning. If you would like more information about Bio Break, please visit the Bridgeport Systems website.