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Carpet Cleaning

BYU's Carpet Cleaning specialists are responsible for keeping the carpets clean in the academic buildings, the Missionary Training Center, Helaman Halls, Heritage Halls, Wyview Park, and Wymount Terrace apartments.

We are contracted to clean all the dormitories and married apartments three times a year. Carpets are also cleaned before new residents move into Wyview Park or Wymount Terrace. Residents of Wyview and Wymount are permitted to skip one cleaning per year, but we highly recommend residents utilize their three cleanings a year.

Please view the information below or visit our FAQ page to learn more about what we do.

To the Tenants of Wymount Terrace & Wyview Park:

A notice will be placed on your door two days before your building's scheduled carpet cleaning. It is difficult to determine the exact time we will be in each apartment, so be prepared for us to come at any time between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on your building's scheduled cleaning day. We work as fast as we can to get in and out of the apartments with as little disturbance as possible. We will not clean the carpets behind closed bedroom doors without a written request or a tenant present. You may help your carpets dry faster by leaving the apartment windows open. You must vacuum your carpet, pick up any area rugs, and move any furniture before the cleaning service can be provided. We cannot provide services for personal items.

If you would like to use your once-a-year cleaning skip, please leave a note on your door​. Otherwise, we will enter the apartment and clean what we can.

We will leave a notice on your door if we need to reschedule your cleaning time. Thank you!

Monday, March 11th 2024

Wymount building 10E
Wymount building 10F
Wymount building 10D

Tuesday, March 12th 2024

Wymount building 10B
Wymount building 10C

Friday, February 16th 2024

Wymount building 3A

Don't Skip!

January 28, 2021 08:19 PM
Student Housing has contracted with BYU Carpet Cleaning to clean the Wyview Park and Wymount Terrace apartment carpets three times a year. You are permitted to skip one carpet cleaning each year, but we do not recommend it. Visit our Don't Skip! page for 23 reasons why routine steam cleaning is extremely beneficial.

The Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Difference

January 28, 2021 06:21 PM
We use a hot water extraction (HWE) cleaning process to clean the carpets at BYU. Visit The Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Difference page to see what one carpet cleaning can do for you.

What to Expect When We Come to Clean Your Carpets

Carpet cleaning truck at Wymount Terrace.
  1. You will receive a slip of paper on your doorknob two days before we come to clean your building.
  2. Before your carpet cleaning, we ask that you expose as much of the carpet as you possibly can and vacuum the rooms you wish to be cleaned. If you do not have a vacuum, the main office may check one out to you.
  3. On the day of your carpet cleaning, we will knock on your door to let you know we have arrived. Our entry protocol is as follows:
    1. If nobody answers the door, we will knock again and announce ourselves.
    2. If there is still no answer, we will use our building key to open the apartment door and announce ourselves again.
    3. If there is still no response, two of us will enter and make sure nobody is still inside the apartment.
  4. We will not rush the carpet cleaning process, but we will try to be in and out as quickly as possible. If the carpets are not ready to be cleaned on your designated day, your apartment will be skipped.
  5. If the apartment residents are not home, we will open a few windows to help the carpets dry faster.