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Ward & Stake Information

BYU Campus Liaison:
Space Management
230 BRWB

Ward & Stake Information

General ward and stake information is available through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Please note the Church's locator information is not always accurate for apartments. For a more accurate list of apartment wards, Space Management provides an on-campus housing list and two apartment complex listings, located below, for YSA and married student wards and stakes surrounding BYU campus.

Each list, one by apartment and one by ward, indicates which ward the different apartments and housing complexes attend. Wards and stakes are designated with a letter and a number label: P=Provo YSA, O=Orem YSA, & PM=Provo Married Student. Any additional information may be retrieved from the Church's online Meetinghouse or Ward Locator.

Space Management acts as a liaison between the wards and stakes utilizing campus resources and the BYU campus. Questions or concerns should be coordinated through Space Management at 801-422-5508 or by emailing


Last updated for the 2023-2024 school year