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Site & Landscape Construction

114 BRWB

Site & Landscape Construction

Site & Landscape Construction assists with construction projects, including building and maintaining storm and sewer drain systems, placing top soil, grading, and providing heavy equipment support for utility repairs at BYU. Our landscape installation team lays sod, plants trees and shrubs, and assists in the installation of new landscapes when a construction project is complete.

Sprinkler crews install and maintain over 60,000 sprinklers, tuning them through weekly irrigation wet checks, and monitor the schedules of 3,060 pressurized irrigation systems. We also tend the indoor and outdoor fountains on campus.

Site & Landscape Construction repairs and maintains 12 miles of campus roads, mends broken fences, and assists with snow removal from campus roads and parking lots. We also specialize in hardscape installation, such as cement and pavers, and constructed the South Campus Stream and Trail, which is 2,500 feet long and comprised of 90,000 pavers.