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Roofing, Glass, & Exteriors

151 PFNB

Roofing, Glass, & Exteriors

Roofing, Glass, & Exteriors provides services to improve the university's building exteriors and ensures each building on campus, at the MTC, and the Motion Picture Studio are beautifully maintained and up to safety standards. Some of our services include exterior cleaning, glass installation, roof maintenance, waterproofing, elevated pavers, and tunnel maintenance.

Any repair requests for Roofing, Glass, & Exteriors may be made through a service request. Remodels and new project requests may be made through the work order process.

Building Exteriors

Window cleaning of HCEB.
Through the use of air and water barriers, insulation, draft control, smoke testing, and contractor inspections, we help keep conditioned air in and non-conditioned air out. This achievement makes campus buildings as energy efficient as possible.

We assist with cleaning campus tunnels and building exterior surfaces, including windows and rain gutters. We also install and replace elevated concrete pavers, loose exterior concrete, and granite stair coverings like those found at the Eyring Science Center and the Museum of Art.


Glass technician replacing a window.
Our glass shop maintains all windows, glass doors, skylights, showcase glass, picture glass, tabletop and desktop glass, fire alarm glass, and glass barriers.

Roofing & Waterproofing

Roofing expert repairing a roof.
We install and repair roofing for over 200 buildings on BYU campus and at university-affiliated locations, totaling approximately 2 million square feet. We provide waterproofing on building exteriors, planter boxes, and roofs with flora and greenery.

We also provide roof access for campus through the BYU Police at 801-422-0911.