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Landscape Specialties

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Landscape Specialties

Landscape Specialties cares for over 17,000 trees and maintains over 120 acres of shrubs and flower beds. We maintain and prepare approximately 50 acres of turf for BYU Athletics and summer camps, including aeration, mowing, and pesticide. If necessary, we also paint the fields at LaVell Edwards Football Stadium, Miller Park (Baseball/Softball), Haws Field, and the Robinson Track and Field Complex. BYU produces its own compost by using recycled landscape materials, saving the university money and providing Grounds with mulch.

Our waste removal crew empties all dumpsters, roll-off, and compactors, as well as regular garbage, construction, and concrete debris. We even have licensed pest control crews who fertilize the campus fields to prevent fungus and tend to pests on campus including wasps, spiders, mice, etc.

In the winter, Landscape Specialties is responsible for removing snow from campus using heavy plows and shovels, along with sand and salt, to clear 212 acres of parking lots, 72 miles of sidewalk, and 7 miles of campus roads.

The BYU Campus Tree Tour includes a list of the different tree varieties that Landscape Specialties helps maintain and includes their locations on BYU campus.