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Greenhouse & Events


Greenhouse & Events

Greenhouse & Events maintains BYU’s greenhouse, which grows summer annuals and fall pansies that are planted across campus, the MTC, and the Provo Temple. We provide indoor plants, florals, and set up for campus events such as devotionals and department luncheons. We also design and install plants for any office space and maintain all plants in building common areas on campus.

Campus patrons who wish to order a special event arrangement or plant for their office may contact Greenhouse & Events at 801-422-5509.

Greenhouse & Events also cultivates poinsettias for the Christmas season and begin delivery the Monday after Thanksgiving. Campus patrons interested in ordering poinsettias may do so by completing the poinsettia request form. The cost is $7.00 for each poinsettia and may be ordered in red, white, or pink. All orders received after October 31 will be assessed a late fee.