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Electrical Shop

269 BRWB

Electrical Shop

The Electrical Shop is a team of professionals who are the caretakers of the electrical life-blood of the campus community. We maintain three 47,000 volt substations that power campus and maintain all lighting and power, as well as athletic scoreboards. Our certified elevator technicians maintain over 140 campus elevators. We also install, repair, and monitor the fire alarm systems, which include over 40,000 smoke detectors and 7,000 horns, strobes, and speakers.

If temporary power is needed for department or special event functions, contact the Electrical Shop at 801-422-5533. We also support and maintain 65 UPS (uninterrupted power source) systems and over 45 generators in the event of a power outage where continuous operations are crucial for campus operations.

In an effort to keep campus as safe as possible, the Electric Shop asks that all traffic lights and parking lot lights that require a light replacement or repair be referred to their shop by submitting a service request.