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Building Care & Specialty Services
Building Care & Specialty Services
Building Care & Specialty Services (BCSS) is located at the Physical Facilities North Building (PFNB) at 936 East Wymount Terrace. The PFNB is adjacent to the BYU Laundry Building and across the street from the Student Health Center. It is led by the Managing Director of BCSS.

BCSS maintains the cleanliness of all academic, housing, athletic, and other buildings for the BYU campus and its university affiliates, including keeping each building's appliances running at peak performance. We believe that a clean, well-organized, service-oriented, and wholesome environment facilitates learning, lifts the spirit, and showcases the best of BYU and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the world.
Building Care
Building Care supply closet.
Building Care (BC), formerly known as Custodial, is led by two respective directors: one for Academic Buildings and one for Athletic/Housing/Support Buildings. BC consists of approximately 1,400 student employees and over 160 full-time employees. We maintain the academic, administrative, athletic, housing, and support buildings on campus, as well as the Missionary Training Center (MTC) and several off-campus university-affiliated properties. BC not only cleans all areas of the building, but also ensures proper working order of everything located in the building. If something needs attention further than the routine, we initiate work requests to address the issues.

We set up and take down 1,000s of sets each month for special events in Athletics and Student Support buildings, the MTC, and the Conference Center. BC also maintains an active relationship with college building coordinators and deans, which allows for quick response and trust in getting the job done.

To contact a member of our Academic Buildings team, visit the Academic Building Care Directory.

To contact a member of our Athletic/Housing/Support Buildings team, visit the Athletic/Housing/Support Building Care Directory.
Specialty Services
Specialty Services repairing a vacuum.
Specialty Services (SS) is led by a manager with a team of highly-trained and specialized technicians. SS consists of dozens of student employees and over a dozen full-time staff who are responsible for keeping appliances across campus running at peak performance, such as vending, laundry machines, floor maintenance equipment, and some furnishings. We also maintain carpets, floors, tunnels, high work/window maintenance, provide for scaffolding set-up and take-down, and repair stone facades on campus. Carpet cleaning boasts a fleet of a half-dozen machine-mounted vehicles. The high work staff maintains mobile cranes and equipment which reach to the highest of levels of BYU buildings.

Visit the BYU Carpet Cleaning page for more information about our campus carpet cleaning service.

To contact a Specialty Services technician, visit the Specialty Services Directory.