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Access Services

192 BRWB

Access Services

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:15 pm

Access Services is located in 194 BRWB, which is accessed by an exterior door near the corner of 900 N and East Campus Drive.

Access Services is a combination of the Key Office and Locksmith Shop working together to provide excellent service to BYU campus. We manage and maintain campus keys, ADA door access, and electronic door locks.

Access Services FAQ

Contact Access Services at 801-422-5521 or if you have additional questions.

How do I get card access?
Contact your college or department to receive card access.

How do I get a campus key?
Contact your college or department to receive a key.

How do I get a housing key?
Housing keys are available from the main office of each housing unit.

How do I rent a locker?
Lockers may be rented online by visiting BYU Locker Rental and following the instructions found on their web page.

Door Closers & ADA Access

ADA Access door opener on BYU campus.
BYU is mindful of those with special needs that require ADA accessibility to navigate campus. Bluetooth-enabled door openers have been installed throughout BYU’s buildings to accommodate these needs.

If you need assistance with any of these devices or require access to this service, please contact Access Services at 801-422-5521. Please report any issues with ADA access points to us by calling the office or completing a service request. A work order is required to request the installation of a new ADA access point.

Electronic Locks

Hand scanning BYU ID on electronic door lock.
BYU uses two complementary electronic lock systems that allows your BYU ID card to give personalized access to secure areas: Genetec for exterior doors and Persona for interior doors. These locks recognize each individual’s credentials and records this information to keep the area secure. Access to secure areas may be granted by an authorized personnel from that area. Please contact Access Services or submit a work order if you would like information about installing electronic locks in your department.


Access Services employee putting away a key.
The Key Office is divided into academic and housing keys. Please contact your college or department to obtain a campus key. Housing keys are obtained from the main office for each housing unit.


Lockers in the Snell Building.
Lockers are available to anyone with a MyBYU account and provide a place to store and secure personal belongings. Lockers may be rented online by visiting BYU Locker Rental and following the instructions found on their web page.

To rent a locker in the Richards Building (RB), please visit 112 RB. BYU faculty and non-student employees may initiate a Smith Fieldhouse (SFH) or RB locker request online at

There are NO exchanges or refunds on lockers. All campus lockers are the property of BYU and the university reserves the right to inspect the locker at any time. Expired lockers do not become available until 10 business days after expiration. Items left in lockers after the expiration date will be disposed of. If you need help with your locker, call BYU Customer Service at 801-422-4000.