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HVAC Operations, Maintenance, & Utilities

215 BRWB

HVAC Operations, Maintenance, & Utilities

The BYU HVAC Operations, Maintenance, & Utilities area is responsible for the proper maintenance of campus utilities to ensure a safe, comfortable, and economical campus and MTC. There are three shops that help deliver on these responsibilities: the Air Conditioning Shop, Central Heating Plant, and Housing HVAC & Maintenance.

Air Conditioning Shop

Air Conditioning technicians fixing an A/C unit.
Located in 270 BRWB, the Air Conditioning Shop maintains the cooling and heating of more than 10 million square feet at BYU campus, the MTC, and BYU’s remote sites including the observatory on West Mountain, the KBYU transmitter on Oquirrh Mountain, and the Barlow Center in Washington D.C. We produce enough cooling on campus to cool over 8,000 homes and pump over 12,000 gallons of chilled water every minute to campus buildings and the MTC. Our campus-wide building automation network has over 14,000 network controllers and more than 120,000 sensors and is one of the largest networked systems in the country. The Air Conditioning Shop uses the latest in system analytics, thermal imagery, and retro-commissioning to continually improve the energy efficiency of campus heating and cooling systems. For questions regarding air conditioning on campus, contact 801-422-5532 or submit a service request.

Central Heating Plant

Central Heating Plant technician testing equipment.
The Central Heating Plant (CHP), located on East Campus Drive across the street from the BRWB, is a Co-Generation facility that burns natural gas to heat, cool, and power campus while reducing emissions. The Co-Gen process utilizes a Solar Titan 130 turbine (jet engine) with a 16.3 MW capacity, operating at 14 MW, to generate both electricity and useful heat, allowing waste heat from electrical generation to be put to a more productive use. The CHP generates High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW – 400 degF / 300 psi) at the rate of 900,000 pounds per hour, or 1800 gallons per minute, through a closed-loop system consisting of 18 miles of pipes. We also have water analysis and treatment specialists that treat the swimming pools and spas on campus to a maintain safe and healthy water condition for users. For questions regarding the CHP, contact 801-422-5536.

Housing HVAC & Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance replacing an air filter.
*** All housing maintenance requests should be directed to the building manager. The building manager may then complete the required form to request housing maintenance. ***

Located in 115 PFNB, Housing HVAC & Maintenance, formerly known as Auxiliary Maintenance, is a team of skilled craftsmen that maintain and repair student housing equipment, appliances, plumbing, and restroom facilities. They also maintain the air conditioning controls and heating & ventilation (HVAC) systems in student housing buildings on campus and the Provo MTC facilities. For questions regarding maintenance and repairs, contact 801-422-4411.