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Vehicle Types & Rental Rates

All vehicles are equipped with cruise control, a tilt wheel, air conditioning, and a CD player.

Vehicle charges are based on either mileage or time. If your travel averages under 100 miles per business day, charges will be computed on a per day basis. If your travel exceeds 100 miles per business day, charges will be computed on a per mile rate.

For example, if you sign out a vehicle on Monday morning then return the following Monday morning and your vehicle travels 499 miles or less, the charge will be a daily rate. If your vehicle travels over 500 miles, the charge will be per mile.

For longer trips, a fuel card is included in the price of the vehicle.

For your convenience, a Mileage Distance Chart is available that lists the round trip mileage required to travel from BYU to major city destinations in Utah, the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Please call 801-422-5444 if you need assistance concerning billing questions.

Please be aware that the size of your screen may cause a scroll bar to appear within the chart in order to view all of the information.

Vehicle Types & Rental Rates

Vehicle Type
Number of Passengers
Rate per Mile
Rate per Hour
Rate per Day
Toyota Camry 5 $0.44 $9.00 $44.00
Toyota RAV-4 5 $0.44 $9.00 $44.00
Nissan Rogue 5 $0.44 $9.00 $44.00
Minivan 7-8 $0.49 $10.00 $49.00
Van* 12 $0.62 $11.00 $62.00
Wheelchair Van with Lift 5 $0.49 $10.00 $49.00
Cargo Van* 2 $0.60 $9.00 $60.00
Pickup Truck: 4WD Full Size 5 $0.71 $12.00 $71.00
Pickup Truck: 4WD Medium Size 5 $0.65 $11.00 $65.00
Highlander 4WD 7-8 $0.55 $12.00 $55.00
Sequoia 4WD 7-8 $0.74 $14.00 $74.00
16' Box Truck with Extended Cab** 2 $1.26 $22.00 $126.00
Golf Cart 2-6 N/A N/A $20.00

* Indicates vehicles that require Risk Management Van Driving training before rental. Training certification is required every four years.
** Indicates vehicles that require Risk Management Truck Driving training & a UDOT health card (obtained through WorkMed, a branch of Intermountain® Healthcare).

Vehicle Rental Request Form

Once you have determined your vehicle rental needs, please complete a
vehicle rental request form.