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Space Management College Representatives

For purposes of Space Management, college representatives help

  1. Coordinate space for academic use
  2. Coordinate space for church use
  3. Resolve issues and coordinate efforts relating to church use of space

The college representative is a one-point contact within the college that coordinates with the dean, the professors, and the college for space use. He or she then coordinates the space with Space Management. He or she also helps manage expectations and set priorities.

The college representative may, at the direction of the dean, request academic space through the office of Space Management. Such requests are directed to the director of Space Management for consideration and coordination of space.

Space Management typically approaches the college representative to coordinate space for church use and provides recommendations. The college representative contacts Space Management with concerns about space relating to the Church. These concerns are resolved through coordinated efforts with Space Management. Space Management coordinates efforts with Church so that these issues are resolved.

A list below is provided of the academic college representatives with which Space Management coordinates space efforts.

Please be aware that the size of your screen may cause a scroll bar to appear within the chart in order to view all of the information.

Space Management College Representatives

Updated November 2022

College Representative Address Phone Buildings
Fine Arts and Communication (FAC) Thaylene Rogers D501D HFAC 801-422-6488 B66, BRMB, HFAC, JKB, RB, MOA
Family, Home and Social Sciences (FHS) Mike Bridenbaugh 990F KMBL 801-422-2152 B67, JFSB, KMBL, RB, TLRB, UPC, WVB
Fulton College of Engineering (ENG) Lissa Matthews 240 EB 801-422-5810 B66, CB, CTB, EB, ERL, SNLB
Graduate Studies (GRAD) James Crane 105 FPH 801-422-1586 FPH
Humanities (HUM) Shasta Hamilton 4002 JFSB 801-422-2779 FLSR, JFSB, JKB, UPC
Law School (LAW) Candice Pool,
David Armond
Library (VAL) Justin Stewart 2850 HBLL 801-422-8384 HBLL, JFSB
Life Sciences (LFS) Brian Johnson 1100A LSB 801-422-5683 ELLB, ESC, LSB, LSGH, LSRL, MLBM, RB, SFH
McKay School of Education (MSE) Jeanna Nichols 301 MCKB 801-422-3695 MCKB, SFH, TLRB
Marriott School of Business (MSB) Barb Hehl 730 TNRB 801-422-4124 ROTC, TNRB
Nursing (NUR) Delsa Richards 500 KMBL 801-422-5123 KMBL, RB
Physical & Math Science (PMS) Steven Johnson N181G ESC 801-422-5597 BNSN, ESC, MP, NICB, TMCB
Religious Education (REL) Lori Soza/
Adam Hellewell
370 JSB 801-422-2736/ 3290 HGB, JSB
Undergraduate Education (UNGRD) Amy Rees 350D MSRB 801-422-6136 JKB, MSRB